KUTTI or KUTTY? This Funny Twitter Thread Will Shatter all the Dreams of 'One Nation, One Language'
Kutti or Kutty? (Photo Credits: File Image)

Mumbai, September 19: Who would have thought that the use of the word "kutti" could trigger a debate on the One Nation, One Language policy and provide a solid reason for not having one in India? Well, a funny Twitter thread did just that (with no harm) and proved that India is a land of not only many languages but also many types of humour. A Twitter user used the Malayalam word "kutti" to refer to a girl in a picture who was looking forlorn having her Onam meal. However, one of the Twitter users thought he was referring to her as "kutti" or the Hindi word for "bitch." She objected on the language used, only to be schooled that the word kutti means a girl or baby in Malayalam. Rajinikanth Retorts Amit Shah on 'One Nation, One Language' Push, Says 'Hindi or Any Language Shouldn't Be Imposed'.

The hilarious Twitter thread soon turned into a case study as to why India should and shouldn't have the One Nation, One Language policy. Looking at the thread, one user even commented, "One Nation, One Language, Many Problems". Kamal Haasan Reacts To Amit Shah’s Hindi Language Remark, Says 'No Shah, Sultan Can Break Promise'.

The Tweet That Started it All

Tweet mentioning kutty in Malayalam. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

What Kutti  Means in Malayalam

Meaning of word Kutty in Malayalam. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Someone took offence to the tweet and replied to the same threat, asking why would the OP call the woman a swear word so gratuitously. A hilarious thread was thus born.

Here's the Tweet:

Mind Your तs and टs

One Kutty Issue Indeed

'Chumma' Means 'Simply' In Tamil



And what came next was nothing short of hilarious. Apart from causing a comedy of errors, tweeples also managed to link it to the One Nation, One Language policy. Here are some hilarious tweets.

One Nation, Many Problems


You Can Say That Again

It's difficult to say if the tweet was a deliberate attempt to encourage a debate on the "One Language" issue, but it definitely managed to catch the attention of Twitter users. Besides, it also highlighted the linguistic diversity enjoyed in India.

On Tuesday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said at an event that Hindi can be a unifying language in India. Shah's comment was taken by many as Centre's plan to impose Hindi on the non-Hindi states and soon triggered a backlash on Twitter.

Actor turned Politician Rajnikanth too issued a statement and said, "Hindi language should not be imposed. Not just Tamil Nadu, none of the southern states will accept Hindi imposition." Talking to the reporters he said, "Not just Hindi, no language should be imposed on the country." Kamal Haasan too released a video and opposed the idea of Hindi imposition.

However, Amit Shah was quoted by news agency ANI clarifying his remark saying, "I never asked for imposing Hindi over other regional languages and had only requested for learning Hindi as the second language after one's mother tongue. I myself come from a non-Hindi state of Gujarat. If some people want to do politics, it's their choice."