Meet Emily, The Singing Donkey From Maharashtra Who Sings Whenever in Mood, Watch Video
Emily the singing donkey (Photo credits: Video grab)

We associate donkeys with labour work and use it as an adjective to call someone. And we have heard of donkeys braying, which is considered rather irritating by many. Well, but have you heard of donkeys singing? No, we are not kidding, there is actually a donkey in Maharashtra who sings. A female donkey named Emily has been rescued from Pune and she actually has singing cords. A video of the donkey has been uploaded on social media and you will actually have to see to believe it. Pannalal, a Donkey in Karnataka Is Predicting Future and It Will Leave You Stunned (Watch Video). 

The female donkey Emily has become an internet sensation and apparently sings whenever she is the mood! RESQ Charitable Trust which is looking after Emily informed in a news report that the video has been watched several times on both Facebook and Instagram. Another donkey that also managed to stir the internet with its singing skills was Harriet from Ireland. Harriet too is a melodious singer and has people coming around to visit and hear him sing.

Watch Video of Female Singing Donkey Emily From Maharashtra

Do you like Emily's singing? But she does sound a little like crying in between! While Emily and Harriet are known for their singing skills, another donkey from Karnataka became an internet sensation with his future predicting skills. The donkey's antics became quite an entertaining factor in the state and of course, the internet is always amused by such things. Animals showing their talent have a good platform on social media.