We all love using emojis on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any social media platform. A conversation looks incomplete without any smiley faces attached at the end of it. WhatsApp stickers are also the new form of conversations but nothing like the good old' smileys. And in the newest software update, messaging app WhatsApp has introduced some new set of emojis. Yes, have you noticed them yet? You may have your favourite set of emojis especially the laughing with tears one but some are already loving the new ones. The most tweeted emojis for 2020 were revealed recently, and now people have new options to use.

iPhone users apparently got these new emojis about a week back, while Android users have got it in the recent update. Emojis make conversations so much better. Some of the new emojis include not only the smiley faces but also the animals, bugs, professions and activities. Smiling face with tear, anatomical heart, pinching fingers, lungs, people hugging are some of the new emoticons. The added animals include a mammoth, beaver, polar bear, dodo, black cat. And netizens cannot wait to show off their new favourites. While new updates also see funny memes online, this time people are still exploring the newer emoticons.

Check New Emojis Updated on WhatsApp:

Here are People's Tweets on The Latest Emojis:


One For All of Us!

Loving This Smiley

Oh the Resemblance

Cute Potted Plant

No Words

Have you got the newer emoticons yet? If not, try updating your phone software and then also update the messaging app. Earlier this year, Gboard rolled out a new feature that let users customise their own emoticons by mashing up more than one smileys. We are sure, once you have them, you too cannot wait to use them in all your conversations.

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