Looks like the mystery of appearing and disappearing monoliths comes to an end. But it has nothing to do with aliens as much as you'd want to believe it to be. A stunt artist group called The Most Famous Artists have taken the responsibility behind installing these tall, shiny structures in Utah, Romania and California as well, although they directly do not confirm it. The top three appearances created quiet a buzz online, with people relating them to aliens. Some went ahead to find The Simpsons and Space Odyssey references. Turns out, it is just art and now you can buy it too.

The community of artists known as The Most Famous Artist admitted to the monolith mystery on their Instagram page. Besides, they also posted a photo of the monolith saying only "monolith-at-a-service.com." Matty Mo, the founder behind the collective posted a picture of the monolith in making, adding that its available for $45,000. The group posted a picture of the Utah monolith on their Instagram and when a user commented, "Was it you?," the account responded "if by you you mean us, yes." Meanwhile, their website has an added section of monoliths, which has the pictures of Utah, California and one structure in transit. Penis-Shaped Wooden Structure That Disappeared From German Mountain is Replaced by Another Bigger Phallus But No One Knows How! (See Pics and Video).

Check The Founder's Tweet About Monolith For Sale:

Check Pics of Monoliths in Making:

Here's a Screengrab From the Website:

Monoliths as service (Photo Credits: themostfamousartist.com/)

Since there is no picture of Romania monolith, Mashable who got in touch with the founder asked about it. Mo responded, "I only had 3 spots for photos on my site." He also added that he cannot comment much on the legalities of the original installation. So Mo did not confirm nor deny their hand in these installations which came as "mystery" to everyone else.

While the mystery now remains solved for these three structures, there was another 'made up' monolith that disappeared from a Candy shop in Pittsburgh yesterday. So looks like, there is something more to it than art? What do you think about this whole art vs mystery? Do share your views with us on this on our social media comments.

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