It is almost time for the year of 2020 to disappear as we are in its last month. But more than the days of this year, the disappearing structures are making all the buzz. First the Utah Monolith, then one in Romania and a third one in California, the sudden appearance and disappearance of these tall metallic structures has got everyone talking. But amid these, a rather representative structure from Germany's Bavarian mountain also made the headlines. A huge penis-shaped wooden structure installed on at the Grueten mountain was reportedly 'chopped down' leaving behind just saw dust. And now, there's a new one in its place. The phallus shape remains the same! The big Phallus structure now stand atop the same mountain, presently covered with snow all around. Not Aliens, but 4 Men Are Behind the Mysterious Disappearance of Utah Monolith! Pics & Videos of Humans Dismantling the Shiny Structure Go Viral.

The German police were investigating the disappearance of this penis-shaped structure. It was an iconic spot for tourists to snap some cheeky pictures on their hikes. There were reports that someone took it down, or chopped it, as the spot behind just saw dust. But before anyone could speculate further, there is a new replacement, and in the same shape but just bigger. Now a bigger phallus stands tall on the Grueten mountain, but the mystery of who put it here still continues. Soon enough, pictures of the newly installed penis-shaped replacement were also shared online. Meanwhile, the monolith in California disappeared after four men took it down.

See Pics of Newly-Installed Penis Structure in Germany

It's Back


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Here's a Video From The Spot

Some More Pics


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The new replacement is definitely bigger than the previous one and no surprise it would also be a hit among the hikers coming in here henceforth. Until now, the mystery of who put it here and what happened to the old one still daunts. But at least, the structure is back here.

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