A lot was being anticipated about the 2019 Oscars, right from how the gig would look like host-less, to if Oscar-nominated Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody will win the Oscars. Well, we are yet to know a lot of things but it is surely not too soon to LOL right?! Some of the memes have already begun to take the internet by storm. People are joyful about Mike Myers and Dana Carvey taking the over the stage Oscars stage to present Bohemian Rhapsody and as encapsulated by critic Alan Sepinwall's tweet that read: "Can they just retroactively give all of Bohemian Rhapsody's awards tonight to the first Wayne's World film?" However, the gig also saw people couldn't control their laughter when the Academy Awards' stage reminded them of President Donald Trump's hairstyle! Here are some of the past Oscars Memes: From La La Land Blunder Memes to Jennifer Lawrence Ones, Funny Academy Award Jokes That Made Us ROFL.

Here are some of the memes from Oscars 2019 that will leave you rolling on the floor LAUGHING! 

Anne Hathway being Anne Hathway

Billy Porter's outfit

Cinderella who?

Loving it!

Can't stop laughing!

Love. Love. Love.


I can't even...


Billy Porter's outfit memes just don't stop

Jason Mamoa's scrunchie is more popular than you'll even be


Twitter just won't stop

I just can't anymore

Merryl Streep is LOVE


The sheer resemblance

Very close

She looks like a snack, literally!

If there was an Oscar meme award 2019 we should give it to Emma Stone's outfit or was Jason Mamoa's scrunchie? We are confused. Well, Aquaman did totally own his red carpet look and we did miss Priyanka Chopra on the red carpet. So many emotions so less time. We cannot wait for more memes to surface, what about you?

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