Shashi Tharoor's impeccable English more than well-known. Who can forget his famous Floccinaucinihilipilification?  However, he is also known for schooling people and speaking his mind clearly. The politician, writer and a former career international diplomat, Shashi Tharoor is quite active on Twitter and recently schooled a US website that for one of their articles on breathing exercises. They referred to Pranayama as 'Cardiac Coherence Breathing.' The western world has done similar things even before. Whether it was about calling our common healthy concoction of turmeric and milk (haldidoodh) as 'turmeric latte' our calling our milk infused tea as 'Chai tea' the western world is known for rehashing popular Indian cultural norms as something else. However, not like Indians have kept quiet about it either. Indian haven't let go a single chance of trolling them for their act of renaming elements from our Indian culture and yoga, time and again. Floccinaucinihilipilification Is the New F-Word From Shashi Tharoor’s Dictionary! Know the Meaning & How to Pronounce It.

The website mentioned how "Pranayama (“breath retention”) yoga was the first doctrine to build a theory around respiratory control, holding that controlled breathing was a way to increase longevity." However, Shashi Tharoor couldn't hold and retweeted the article saying, "Detailed description of the benefits of the 2500-year-old Indian technique of pranayama, dressed up in 21st c. scientific language as "cardiac coherence breathing"! It's taking the West a few millennia to learn what our ancients taught us millennia ago, but hey, you're welcome..."

Take a Look at Shashi Tharoor's Tweet:

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Shashi Tharoor's tweet is going viral on Twitter making a lot of Indians go ROFL on the internet. It is time the US begins to take cues, and not change names of something so prevalent in India.

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