It is Valentine's Day today and single people would be already feeling the irk. It is a day of immense excitement for all the lovers but it is not too a pleasing time to be around when if you are single or have recently broken up. Valentine's Day celebration begins from a week in advance starting with Rose Day, Propose Day, Kiss Day and all that jazz. All the shops, malls are decked with red clothes, heart balloons or anything else that symbolises love. It can get a bit too much, we know but there is always a way to get around the shower of love. Indian youths, we can totally feel your need to join Bajrang Dal (all in good humour). If you are single and wondering how to celebrate your Valentine's Day 2019, we have some fun suggestions you could try to enjoy your singlehood on the day of love. Valentine’s Day 2019: Funny Memes and Jokes for Singles Who Are Just Too Cool for the Lovers’ Day Celebration.

A week before Valentine's Day, you can totally see the vibe of love that surrounds everywhere. Not all couples may follow the Valentine Week routine, but you can at least see the enthusiasm they have for the upcoming day of expressing love. It can get suffocating if you have newly broken up. There are chances you'd see only couples all around. But there's no feeling bad about your singledom. You can embrace the spirit of love, just in ways very different than others. Here are some ways in which singles can spend this Valentine's Day.

Join Bajrang Dal or Anti-Love Protests

Indian single youth, if they love someone on Valentine's Day it is the Bajrang Dal group. A religious militant organisation that is so anti-love, they end up beating the lovey-dovey couples. If your hate for the season of love is so strong, then start enrolling online for joining the Bajrang Dal! All you have to do is drive away the couples who are enthusiastically showing off their love. Remember, 'make war, not love' is your motto.

Make Memes

Guess what is still going to trend even if Valentine's Day goes by? Memes of course. If you have a lot of cool ideas related to singles or couples, let them out by making memes. Bring out your creative side and make original memes and share them on social media. You too will find someone or rather many 'likes.' Laugh and make others laugh too.

Do The Things That Your Ex Hated

Some of you are bound to miss your ex if you have broken up too recently. But missing them on Valentine's Day is a bad idea. How about doing the things that your ex hated but you really loved doing them? For example, if there is a particular dress or outfit that your ex forbade you from wearing, wear and flaunt it. Listen to the playlist that you simply loved but did not get too because he/she did not like it. These are some of the basic things but we are sure that list can go on.

Singles' Party

Show what an amazing of a host that you can be to all your single friends. Get all of them together and have a good celebration. After all, Valentine's Day need not be just about couples. A single's party will definitely have more share of fun and gossip than a dinner date. Arrange for some really cool games to play with, that will make your committed friends jealous of missing out on this celebration.

Stay off Social Media

If you are really tired with all the mush and love posts, then Valentine's day is a perfect day for detox. Get off social media, turn off the internet for a day and you will be left with a lot more time to be productive elsewhere. A day of social media detox can be challenging since we almost run on notifications! But if you do it, there is no better achievement.


The fact that I stress upon the word Ignore is because, if you'd have figured out a way to ignore all and anything related to Valentine's Day, you would not have even reached this article. It can be a task to ignore as there is an expression of love all around you, but you can also treat it like any other day and be good with it. Remember fellas, Ignorance is Bliss!

Make Plans to Conquer The World

There are a lot more things important than just love. If love isn't your priority at the moment, at least be world dominion on that list. By that, we mean to make yourself strong and successful. Success is important to everyone and you can focus all your energies on getting there. Chalk out plans about how you want to go further in terms of your studies or work and how you plan to stick to it.

Being single is not that bad after all. You need not have the anxieties to look good, be prepared or plan a good date for Valentine's Day. You can just spend the day, doing what you love and be happy! So singles, don't fizzle out by the lovey-dovey couples around you. Wish you all a very happy self-indulgent Happy Valentine's Day!

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