The monsoon season is here and parts of the country are experiencing heavy showers. And as we all enjoy the rains and welcome the pleasant change of weather, it is also the time when the creepy crawlies, insects and reptiles come out. So spotting of snakes, both venomous and non-venomous is very common during these months. And most people freak out at the sight of these slithering reptiles. But it is best to stay calm and call for expert help to rescue the snakes. In this article, we tell you what one should do in case they see any snakes in their vicinity. Ssscary Ride! Cobra Found Hissing Inside Handle of Scooty, Watch The Snake Rescue Video That Will Make Your Skin Crawl.

It is important to understand what causes the snakes to come out during this season. Snakes, as well as other insects, live in deep burrows under the soil. A snake's body temperature depends on the temperature of the environment. Soil protects them from being too hot or cold. When it rains, the burrows get filled with water and snakes move out to seek dry shelter and cover from the rain or storms. They often hide in places where they won't be seen, so most snakes are found in corner of the house or under piles of debris. Here's what you should do when you see a snake. Kerala Man Rescues Long Python Snake From a Well, Daring Act Goes Viral.

  • The first important step if you see a snake is to stay calm. If you find it in your backyard or your colony, let the authorities know but do not approach it in panic.
  • If it is at someone's home, call in for experts as soon as possible.
  • In case, the snake is in the garden chances are it will go on its own. But for the safety of others, it is still better to call the snake helpers.
  • Always save the numbers of few snake friends and rescuers for times of emergency. They will guide to the person who can be contacted to the nearest to your location.
  • In case, you do not have anyone's number, call the nearest police station they can help in connecting with someone.
  • Give a description of the serpent to the handlers that are coming so they know what kind of a snake they would have to deal with.
  • Understand that killing the snake is not a viable option unless it is causing harm to someone. Snakes come out as they are looking for a safer place, so please do not attempt to kill them. If snakes fear a danger from you, they will bite.
  • In case, the snake is found at home, just leave it alone in the room until the experts come in. Do not loiter in the same room or try to disturb it.
  • Use boxes to confine the snake within that particular area. You can also use a dark cloth to put over it. But do not directly hit with sticks or create noise around to scare it away.
  • You cannot completely snake-proof a property. If there are shrubs and bushes around, snakes are likely to come. They also feed on rodents and smaller preys which are scurrying around the colony. So try and keep cleanliness in the area.

These are some of the ways in which you should respond if you see a snake near your home or in someone's house. The most important point is to stay calm. Do not try to deal with it on your own and also do not tease it for pictures or videos. The safe rescue of the snake should be as much as your priority as your own.

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