Spirit Of Mumbai Jokes Take Over Twitter as Heavy Rains Continue: 10 Funny Tweets That Will Totally Crack You Up
Vir Das took a jibe on 'the spirit of Mumbai'. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

When the roads are waterlogged, train services disrupted, traffic comes to a halt and the rain is non-stop, what keeps Mumbai alive is the helpfulness and brotherhood among Mumbaikars, popularly known as ‘the spirit of Mumbai’ on social media. While it is supposed to be a good thing, the social media as usual took no time in giving it a sly twist of humour. As Mumbaikars stand together during heavy downpour, helping each other, fighting all odds, keeping the city alive, continuing with their regular lives, Twitterati started a word play highlighting everything that is wrong about the ‘spirit of Mumbai’.

From Paresh Rawal to Vir Das, both celebrities and commoners alike, criticised the 'spirit of Mumbai' in their own humorous ways. These ten tweets are so painfully real, you will burst out laughing.

Vir Das at His Wittiest Best:

True, Right?

Like They Say, It Is Just a Phase:

True That!

Right in the Feels!

Legit Question?

Atul Khatri Has Said It:

There, There ...


Just About Right:

Jokes apart, the repeated tragedies of civic failure in Mumbai are indeed a matter of concern and covering them up with the shield of 'spirit of Mumbai' is really not the solution. Though it does gives Mumbaikars the motivation to deal with the situation, it is high time the authorities take corrective actions so that the city doesn't have to suffer the same way every single year. Don't you agree?