Teletubbies Sun Baby Jess Smith Is Not Holding HER Kid but the NEXT Sun Baby in Viral Pic!
Teletubbies Sun Baby (Photo Credits: @gunner_x49 Twitter)

Teletubbies has been every 90s kid's favourite cartoon. It is a British pre-school children's television program in which are four multi-coloured creatures known as 'Teletubbies'. They spoke gibberish and soon became every child's favourite. And now they have once again become the centre of attention, thanks to a tweet. One of the characters in the show was called Sun Baby, which is a real Sun with the face of a real human baby. Over the years, Jess Smith, the baby who played the Sun has grown up and become an adult. And recently, a photo of Jessica Smith holding a baby went viral on social media. It's a Girl! Iconic Disney Character Winnie The Pooh Was Originally a Female, Know History of the Cartoon.

The incident garnered mileage after BBC host named Greg James retweeted a photo of Jess with a baby claiming that the Sun Baby had a baby, stating that the child in the picture with Smith was her own." The tweet reads, "The Teletubbies sun baby has a baby." Greg retweeted it saying, "This has made me feel 800 years old." After the photo went viral, Teletubbies tweeted clarifying that the baby which Jess is holding is not her child, but the next Sun Baby. Rebellious Character Peppa Pig to Return on the Big Screen in the Year of the Pig.

Check Out the Tweet Below:

Teletubbies tweeted saying, "This is the original Sun Baby, Jess Smith, with our new Sun Baby, Berry! Seeing Jess all grown up makes us feel old too." However, after Teletubbies retweeted Greg, he tweeted that the baby does not belong to Jess Smith. His tweet reads, "AH! It's not quite true. The @TeletubbiesHQ has tweeted me. It's the ORIGINAL sun baby with the NEW sun baby. IT'S NOT HER BABY. I still feel 800 years old though."

Here is The Tweet Below:

Jessica Smith handed over the role to 18-month old Berry from London. As the photo of the duo went viral, many thought of them as mother and daughter. Even after the official statement from Teletubbies, many continue to think that the two are related. Social media users who commented on the photo said that they felt old seeing that their childhood cartoon personality is all grown. Most said that they have started feeling old. Teletubbies are a part of our childhood and hope to see it going on.