This Video Explaining Consent Using a Cup of Tea Goes Viral During #MeToo Movement
Consent Video (Photo Credits: Blue Seat Studios YouTube)

With #MeToo movement gaining grounds in India, the topic of consent is being debated and discussed at length on social media. The term is often misunderstood and people fail to understand its real meaning. Under the ongoing #Metoo movement, in most sexual harassment allegations that have come to light so far, it can be seen that the concept of consent was mistaken.

With the #MeToo movement gaining further grounds, there could be no better time to share this 2015 Public Service Advertisement by the Thames Valley Police in the United Kingdom on consent. The video explains how people often mistake consent before sex to any friendly gesture or similar cues. Taking a cup of tea to explain consensual sex, the video in a comical manners details the real meaning of consent. What Is Consent? Mumbai-based Woman’s Song During #MeToo Movement Is Absolutely Bang On! (Watch Video)

It explains the thin lines that blur the meaning of consent. The video all in all states how a Yes should only be taken for a yes while a no for no. With its simple explanation and cartoon characters, the video can also be used to explain the meaning of consent to children. The animated video was created by Blue Seat Studios and written by blogger Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess.

Watch the video on consent here:

During the recent #MeToo, women took to social media naming sexual predators and the incidents of harassments they have been through. Many Bollywood celebrities also came under the radar after women took to social media naming them under sexual misconduct. Comedians, journalists, authors and owners of top organisations were also shamed for their alleged acts.