"Tonight, on the last full moon of the decade my album title track FUTURE NOSTALGIA is outtt at MIDNIGHT on all platforms!!" Said Dua on releasing her new single 'Future Nostalgia'.Check Tweet:

#AskAnirudh trends after he takes on fans' questions ahead of Darbar.Check Tweet:

'Yes to all' this viral meme fad is in reference to a Windows XP dialogue box which used to appear on the computer screens years ago. It would ask users to choose one option from 'Yes, Yes to All, No and Cancel.' Now this is what is trending on Twitter, with people making hilarious jokes out of it.'Yes to All' Memes:

It seems there is no end to bizarre food combinations on social media. At the moment, a new version of noodles has appeared online. Well, it is a combination of the instant comfort food-- Maggie, complimented with oranges. Twitter is appalled with the image that shows that utterly bizarre combination.View Pic:

This was the hair raising moment, when an innocent doggo totally unaware of the situation, was saved by a man. When Pomeranian's leash got caught between the elevator doors, the man rushed to the aid of the pup. His quick move saved the pet.Watch Video:

A pilot made a spectacular landing while beating the fierce storm as it neared the runway. The footage shows hair-raising approach of the airbus 380 to Manchester Airport. The wings of the plane rise and fall as the jet hurtles towards the runway.Watch Video:

A man in the United States saved his neighbour’s dog after its leash got caught in an elevator, almost choking it. A CCTV footage revealed the dramatic rescue.Watch The Video Below:

A 69-year-old Physics professor at a Virginia community college has gone viral on social media for his unique way of teaching.  David Wright, PhD experimental classes went viral on social media after one of his students recorded and uploaded it on the internet. Read the entire story here.Watch The Video Below:


Remember the young father-daughter duo who went viral for lip-syncing to 'Girls Like You' last year? They are now back with another adorable video in which they are singing Taylor Swift's 'You Need to Calm Down'.Watch The Video Below:
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Spotted...daddy and daughter...in their natural habitat🤪 @justin.wesson #lipsyncbattle

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Hello Friday! By now, we all know that Friday mornings are a tad different from the usual working days. And why it shouldn’t be? It is time we realise that we awesomely survived yet another tiring week. Everyone around you will seem to be in a lighter mood as they brace themselves to welcome their favourite weekend! Besides Millennials have their own way of expressing their happiness, which is why you will see, ‘Friday Thoughts,’ ‘Friday Feels,’ ‘Friday Messages’ and many other quotes trending online along with hashtags. Like every day, we will keep you updated with the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day that netizens are sharing today, on December 13, 2019.

A lot of serious events are happening across, especially in India. After the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) has been passed in Rajya Sabha, people, especially in Assam, have taken up to the streets expressing their outrage over the decision. Numerous moments from the protest in Assam are circulating on social media. Again, on the international level, Miss World 2019 beauty pageant is nearing with fans from India rooting for Miss India Suman Rao to bring back the crown. With so many things happening around, social media is filled with various videos and images, highlighting all the occurrences.

As the day goes by, we will keep you posted with everything that is happening the very moment around the world. Stay tuned with us and know all the latest updates and some light-hearted videos that are surfacing on social media.