India’s fantastic show with the bat in the 2nd ODI against West Indies didn’t just entertain the cricket lovers but also provided a lot of content for the meme makers. Social-media users are making funny memes on the game. Read the entire story here

But Pant is Not in Auction!!

A very adorable video of a big dog and a small pup kissing while they are in two different cars at a signal is going viral. Check the tweet here:

Girls trend #NoMakeup Twitter by posting selfies of themselves with no makeup. After the trend of posting make up pictures, girls are sharing pictures of their clear faces to appreciate real beauty.Check some tweets below:

Video of an alligator crossing the road has amused netizens. The clip shows the reptile going across the street slowly holding up the traffic. The video went viral after a Montreal woman posted the clip online.Watch The Video Below:

Rose's 'The Christmas Song' cover, showered with love by netizens. #ChristmasWithROSÉ trends On Twitter:Check Tweet:

Snowfall in different parts of northern parts is having locals and tourists rejoice in the winters!Check Tweet:

Yesterday Australia experienced its hottest day with the national average maximum temperature at 40.9ºC, the hottest day since record keeping began. Twitter is still abuzz:

Identified as Navy Chandler, she uploaded a video of herself, showing the struggle she had, while peeling off the face mask. It literally took her one hour to remove the mask from her face.Watch Video:

At The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kim Kardashian West revealed that North was photoshopped in their family Christmas card. She said that North was having "a day" and hence had to be added to the family photo.Watch Video:

This pooch is extremely excited and can be seen jumping for joy after she found a forever home. Named Bonita, she spent 500 days at an animal shelter in Niagara, New York. Now the five-year-old pit bull mix finally got adopted by owner Ray Kinz.Watch Viral Video:

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Hello Wednesday and hello to the mid-week crisis! The middle of the week is such a tiring day of mixed emotions, with the weekend just two days away but still so far. So to encourage you netizens are sharing positive thoughts with #WednesdayWisdom and #WednesdayMotivation. These are the regular trends of the day and other than that we will keep you updated with all the fun things on the internet like the memes and viral videos.

The entire month of December is immersing in the festive vibe with approaching Christmas and following holidays. People are already sharing their Christmas decorations, pictures, tricks and tips with everyone. December 18 also marks a few important events and celebrations which are likely to trend online. One of the days marked today is International Migrants Day 2019, which is an observation by the United Nations. This day aims to raise awareness about the challenges and difficulties of international migration. So heartwarming stories from immigrants are likely to be shared online. It also marks the fun celebration of National regifting day in the US. On this day, people share the gifts they have received with someone else and regift them. So if anything related to this trend online, we will keep you updated.

Social media makes it easier to know what is happening in which part of the world. Be it fun TikTok challenges, viral news of bizarre things around the world, some animals doing silly things or fighting for survival, it travels to another part very soon. Through this section, we will try and keep you updated with the viral news, trending topics, funny memes and videos of the day.