The trend of Caturday is up on Twitter again with pics and videos of cats being shared online.Check some pics below:

A bulldog named Sheldon is helping to deliver stuff among family neighbours staying close by. A video of him delivering homemade cookies with a small backpack on his bag is shared online.Watch the video here:

A video of an old man talking about Coronavirus disease and suggesting a cure is shared on video. The funny part is when he changes the narrative entirely after he meets with policemen and apologises for what he had said. Watch the video here:

A man who recovered from Covid19 was cheered on patients and staff while getting discharged from the hospital in Kasargod, Kerala.Watch the video here:

Nurses from Coronavirus ward in Kasturba hospital in Mumbai give an important message urging people to stay at home and how to prevent germs. Watch the video here:

A mother recorded her baby's reaction while she was dancing. The baby's cute moves have swooned the internet. Watch the video here:

A very funny TikTok video has been shared on Twitter which shows a dog all dressed up and riding on a bike. Unfortunately, he's not a great rider as he falls into the bushes. Watch the video here:

While you sit in quarantine, here's a cure video of a baby sleeping with a giant fluffy dog to make your weekend:

In a video that has now gone viral, a kitten can be seen kissing its human back and it is the best thing you'll see today. Watch video:

The weekend has arrived and even though we are fighting a pandemic currently, it is important to spread positive thoughts and posts, now more than ever. #SaturdayThoughts & #SaturdayVibes take over Twitter with positive messages:

Another one

Hello, weekend! This Saturday could seem like any other day since we all are significantly at home. To those of you who lost the count, wake up, it is another but the first weekend of April, 2020. People have taken to social media sharing #SaturdayMotivation and #SaturdayThoughts to cheer each other and welcome another day. It is very important for all of us to stay positive during the time, and we must say netizens are trying every bit to keep each other entertained while maintaining social distance and quarantining. In this blog, we will keep you updated with all the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day, April 4, 2020, to what social media users are sharing.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and all other social media platforms are active now more than ever. Each day, netizens are coming with new trends and challenges, discovering new hobbies and sharing all of them online. At the time of the pandemic, since not many things are in our hands, we all can at least spread positivity to keep up the spirit. Besides, one person sharing some moments, inspire many, which is a necessity at this hour. The insanely increasing number of coronavirus cases have already increased the panic among individuals. Staying hopeful is the only way to drive away all the blues.

It is weekend that we always look up to. Let us keep the spirit and spread joy. Stay tuned with the blog to know all the latest hashtags and viral moments captivating the netizens. Happy Weekend!