15 Jul, 21:03 (IST)
A video is doing rounds on the internet, where a beautiful parrot is seen confessing its love for the man, on whose shoulder, it was resting. Popular among wildlife enthusiasts and netizens, the clip features,  founder of Barn Sanctuary in Chelsea, Dan McKernan and the bird.Watch Heart-Melting Video Here
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Bird man.

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15 Jul, 19:52 (IST)

In a viral video, a chimpanzee is captured escaping from its enclosure in China's Hefei Wildlife Park. Amidst much confusion and chaos among the crowd, the animal charged at visitors and even kicked an employee to the ground. After failing to persuade chimp, who is named Yang Yang to return to his enclosure, authorities fired a tranquilliser dart at it.Watch Video Here

15 Jul, 18:28 (IST)

England’s victory at ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, has created abuzz on social media. And now, the utterly butterly delicious Indian diary Amul too joined in the celebrations with an amazing topical ad. The Amul calligraphy features, New Zealand opener Martin Guptill’s run-out in the super over that restricted the team to 15, thus helping England to win the World Cup 2019 title on the basis of more boundaries in the final. Read the full report here.View Pic of Amul Topical Ad

15 Jul, 17:40 (IST)

Sanjay Manjrekar tweeted a farewell message in a sarcastic tone after the end of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Throughout the cricket world cup, fans have often criticised Manjrekar's commentary. And so his final farewell tweet invited netizens hilarious reactions with people trolling the former Indian cricketer with memes and jokes. Read the full report here.Here's the Tweet

Netizens Request Him to Retire from CommentaryCareful, ManjrekarLOL

15 Jul, 16:38 (IST)

Area 51 memes have taken over the internet, after a crazy Facebook event went viral. After tonnes of memes surfaced online, people are now imagining themselves real-life before, after and during their proposed Area 51 raid. And the tweets are hilarious AF.Me and My Area 51 Alien

Post-Raid Scenes Would be LikeFlirtatious Enough?What a Sense of Style!Be CarefulMillenials Post Area 51 RaidHilarious

15 Jul, 14:59 (IST)

Apart from the royal celebrations and gatherings, Shloka’s in-laws ensured that their ideal bahu’s birthday affair is no less than a fairy tale. And that is what Shloka got! India’s richest family, arranged for a birthday present in the form of an adorable princess video, where each member gets together to wish the 29-year-old. Read the full report here.Watch Shloka Mehta's Birthday Video

15 Jul, 13:48 (IST)

In the viral video, the bear can be seen to find its way to enter the house, with the open window. Despite the woman's effort to shoo the bear, while recording the moment, the animal enters the house, before she runs away. The incident occurred during her trip to Lake Tahoe in the United States of America. Read the full report here.Watch the Viral Video

15 Jul, 12:53 (IST)

A shocking pic of trophy hunting is creating a furore online after a couple is seen kissing with a massive dead lion in front of them. The picture which was taken in South Africa is of a taxidermist couple. However, them showing off their kill is definitely not appreciated by anyone on social media and people are calling out to ban the practice of trophy hunting. Read the story here

15 Jul, 11:12 (IST)

Divers swimming off the Falmouth near Cornwall spotted a jellyfish the size of a human body. Picture of the barrel jellyfish was shared online and netizens also marvelled at the beauty. Know more about it here. View Pic of the Barrel Jellyfish:

15 Jul, 09:22 (IST)

A woman in Texas was so confused while shopping at San Antonio's 7-Eleven store that she offered her toy credit card to pay for the bill. When the card did not work, she still could figure what was wrong. The funny ordeal was caught on video and shared online. The video is now going viral.Watch the video here:

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Its Monday and are you already seeking motivation to begin a new week with? Well, Monday Motivation and Monday thoughts have already started trending on Twitter. For the sports fanatics, it must have been a stressful Sunday, with not one but two nail-biting championship finales. The ICC CWC 2019 and 2019 Wimbledon. While England won its maiden Cricket World Cup, Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer in the longest men's singles final match ever played. Both the wins have been quite a topic of discussion among the netizens. Here we will try and get you all that is trending throughout the day on the internet. Funny memes, viral videos, funny tweets and jokes, and trending topics, we will try to keep you covered on all that.

Also, July 15 happens to be World Youth Skills Day. This day is designated by the UN and the greater goal is to achieve a better socio-economic condition for today's youth. World Youth Skills Day 2019 theme is 'Learning to learn for life and work'. Another thing that deserves attention is India's ambitious second moon mission, Chandrayaan-2. While all eyes were on the lift-off by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), it was called off due to a technical snag.

So we will try and keep you updated with all that is happening around the world and going viral for whatever reasons. Sometimes, the beauty of the internet is, absolutely anything can go viral. The latest meme trend on the internet is the mature bag! So stay tuned with us as we get you all the trending topics, viral videos and funny stories around the world. Hope you have a Happy Monday!