Here's a video encapsulating all the trending and viral events of the day that you may have missed out.Watch Video: 

an old tweet of a man tagging a US police handle to make a complaint against an auto driver at a hill station in Tamil Nadu has resurfaced. Twitter Abuzz. Read the entire story here.Check Tweet:

Gary Rhodes, who appeared on TV shows such as MasterChef, Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef USA, passed away today. Social media is expressing condoling messages for him.Check tweets here:

Every few days are some confusing pictures, more like optical illusions that come up on the internet. A recent picture sees a girl holding a bag of popcorn and netizens can't figure it out. Watch the pic here:

Steve Irwin's son Robert Irwin came in with a snake on stage while presenting the  ARIA Awards in Sydney. Watch the video here:

Photo of a Texas professor holding her student's baby as she taught the class is going viral on social media platforms. According to the tweet by a Twitter user, Haley Yates the professor Barbie Hicks decided to the student with her baby so she could prepare for a test.Check Out The Tweet Below:

Video of a couple in Toronto couple's gender-reveal ceremony has gone viral on social media platforms. While we expect to see blue or pink colour popping out, theirs was green. Well, they have a message for the world.Watch The Video Below:

A slow motion video of a mongoose escaping an attack by a cobra is going viral online giving netizens all the scary chills. In just a blink of an eye, the animal escapes the reptile's attack.Watch Viral Video:

Tesla's long-waited Cybertruck launch was welcomed with a plethora of memes and jokes because of its shattering proof windows. And now LEGO stepped into the ring. The toy company posted a rudimentary car made of stacked bricks and plastic wheels on their Facebook page. And the image is similar to promotional photos of the cybertruck.View Pic:

The elephant first checks with its foot if it can get an electric shock by lightly touching the wires and then pushes down the wooden pole and even tries to throw a thick wood piece to break the barrier. As it manages to pull down the pole, the animal then crosses the road to the other one end and breaks the electric fencing to get inside the forest. People applause the genius technique of the elephant.Watch Video:

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Finally, we are at midweek and social media users are in two minds. While most people complain about the weekend being a little too far, Wednesday brings happiness to people as it is just two days away from Saturday. People have taken to the internet sharing their ideas with the hashtags #WednesdayWisdom and #WednesdayThoughts. Some are also wishing Good Morning and greeting each other on the start of a new day. Meanwhile, some are posting inspirational thoughts and motivational quotes encouraging each other for a great day. And as the day progresses we promise to bring your trending stories from around the world. From funny memes, hilarious GIFs, latest tweets, Facebook posts to viral videos, we promise to keep you updated with everything happening on social media through his viral blog.

November 27 marks the birthday of a number of known people. Bappi Lahiri, Tina Dutta, Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix and Suresh Raina celebrate their birthday on Wednesday. The day also marks the birth anniversary of Harivansh Rai Bachchan. The day also marks an array of events across countries in the blog.

In the age of social media, every big and small thing goes viral in no time. From Twitter hashtags to viral clips, trending topics reach people at the earliest. Stay tuned with this live blog to known about things trending on social media platforms. We promise that bring you the latest viral stories from around the globe. We wish you a Happy Wednesday and hope you get enough courage to sail through this day.