Man Unknowingly Tags Salem Police Station in US to Complain About Rickshaw Drivers in Tamil Nadu, Old Tweet Goes Viral
Man tags wrong Salem police station (Photo Credits: Twitter and Pixabay)

Twitter can be a fun place at times. As much as it has been effective in solving grievances of people online, a minor error can also turn into a laughing stock. It is also a place where no jokes get old. So an old tweet of a man tagging a US police handle to make a complaint against an auto driver at a hill station in Tamil Nadu has resurfaced. The incident is actually from 2017 when a man named Arunanand T A tagged the Salem police station from Oregano, US mistaking it for the police station of the same-named city in Tamil Nadu. Salem Police Department from the US also replied to the tweet to establish their identity. The old tweet exchange is going viral again. 'View From Malad Balcony' Viral Twitter Thread Has Users Sharing Fake Pics of Indian Places Just to Have Some Fun!

A Twitter user named Arun Bothra shared a screenshot of the old Twitter exchange between the two accounts and quoted Shakespeare's famous line "What's in a name." The tweet is amusing other netizens online, some of them left laughing at the situation. The incident is exactly about two years ago, when a man named Arunanand hailing from Kochi in Kerala had gone to Yercaud, in Tamil Nadu. He was overcharged by the autorickshaws and had to pay Rs. 50 for a distance of 1.5kms. Wanting to draw attention to authorities, he used Twitter as the best medium. Salem is another city near Yercaud and he thought he was tagging the local police department. However, it was the police department of Salem city from Oregano. Netizens Are Replacing Dil With D**k in Hindi Songs And The Results Are Hilarious… If You Have a Dirty Mind.

Check The Tweet About Man Tagging US Police Station by Mistake:

Arunanand's serious concern became a joke among some netizens. The tweet has got over 500 likes. Check some of the reactions on the same.

Looks Like He Wasn't The Only One!

Lots in a Name

Laughing Stock

Happening Too Often?

The last tweet shows that probably the Salem police department is used to getting wrongly tagged by many people wanting to complain about Tamil Nadu. Although it is not too new of rickshaw drivers to charge extra at tourist spots. It happens at many other places in the country too, where tourists end up paying more for shorter distances. The tweet, however, has ended up with a different interpretation now thanks to netizens always looking for a little fun.