Mumbai, June 5: Victoria Thomas-Bowen, a 25-year-old OnlyFans adult model and Labour supporter, was arrested on June 4 in Clacton, UK, for allegedly throwing a milkshake at Nigel Farage, the leader of Reform UK. The incident occurred as Farage was exiting a pub after launching his campaign for the upcoming 2024 snap election.

According to the report published by Daily Mail, Thomas-Bowen, who boasts approximately 18,000 followers on Instagram, had previously expressed her support for Keir Starmer's Labour Party. Starmer is currently challenging incumbent Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for the leadership role at 10 Downing Street. Thomas-Bowen, also a mother of one, was taken into custody shortly after the incident on suspicion of assault. Nigel Farage Attacked With Milkshake During UK Election Campaign Launch (Watch Videos).

Victoria Thomas-Bowen Throws Milkshake Nigel Farage

Footage and photographs of the incident show Thomas-Bowen evading the crowd at the Clacton, Essex facility and hurling a McDonald's banana milkshake at Farage. Her actions have drawn criticism from her own family, with her brother Paul expressing his shock and distancing himself from her actions. Where Is Ava Louise's 'Tits Flash' at NYC-Dublin Portal Video From the Other Side? Curious Netizens Tweet on 'Missing' OnlyFans Model X-Rated Clips From Ireland's Side.

Nigel Farage attacked With Milkshake

"I have just seen it, and to be honest, I'm appalled. I don't know where she is. I don't want anything to do with her," Paul was quoted by the outlet. The report also said that Thomas-Bowen creates explicit video content in the spare bedroom of her mother's house in Grays. When asked by the BBC about her motivations for the milkshake attack, she responded that she "just felt like it." Thomas-Bowen has previously used her social media platform to express support for Jeremy Corbyn and to call for a boycott of the late Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

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