Women Wear Burqa to Steal Food From UK’s Asda Supermarket (Watch Viral Video)
Representational Image (Photo Credit: Flickr, Michał Huniewicz)

A bizarre moment was caught on camera in the Asda Supermarket in the UK. The viral video doing rounds on social media shows two women wearing Burqa, popular clothing among Islamic females, to steal the store food. It further turns out that the women were non-Muslims, as claimed by several commentators on the viral video and that they only used the clothes to hide the stolen items. It soon gathered international attention, with people online bashing the duo for such act. The incident is believed to have occurred in at a supermarket in Dagenham, East London. Black Woman Striped in Front of Target Male Employees After She Was Wrongly Accused of Stealing a Bikini, Files Suit. 

Crowds gathered around the women, and they were shocked to see them pulling out the food items from the inside the traditional attire, one after another. As per media reports, both of them were allegedly taking away up to 20 products. Both of them create a pile of Asda goods in front of them. One woman can be seen lifting her garment, revealing her belly and underwear to prove that there was nothing more hidden underneath.

Watch the Video Here: 

The viral video has been widely shared across social media. The supermarket chain has not reported the incident to the police and this is why it remains unclear as to what happened to the women. But the act surely astounded the netizens. Besides, it is also not clear if they were Muslim or just using the robes as part of the attempted theft.