BCCI Officials Feels 'Joining Hands With NADA Is an Admission of Administrative Failure by CoA'
Rahul Johri (Photo Credits; IANS|File)

New Delhi, August 9 : A move that was opposed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) over the years has been sadly agreed to under the Committee of Administrators (CoA) as CEO Rahul Johri on Friday guaranteed the Sports Ministry that the board will come under the ambit of the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA). Even as the Sports Ministry has had the last laugh, BCCI officials feel that the current administration has failed Indian cricket. After Years of Defiance, BCCI Finally Agrees to NADA Tests.

Speaking to IANS, a senior BCCI official said that it was indeed sad at how things have panned out under the CoA and the move to come under NADA was the final nail in the coffin."This is nothing but an admission of failure of administration on the part of the BCCI CEO and the CoA. Sourav Ganguly, Harbhajan Singh Bash BCCI for Issuing Conflict of Interest Notice to Rahul Dravid, Tweet ‘God Help Indian Cricket’.

The CEO gets paid an amount upward of Rupees 5 crores an annum and has apparently been paid a bonus of about 5 crores or so too, but the administration under him has completely botched up the BCCI Anti-Doping program and specifically and spectacularly failed in the Prithvi Shaw matter.

"This step (to join forces with NADA) may have been taken just to avoid an inquiry into the Shaw incident being instituted and being taken to its logical conclusion. News reports suggest that the selectors had not even been informed about his suspension. The CEO cannot escape scrutiny on the mishandling and the decision-makers cannot escape scrutiny on the mishandling in this entire episode including this NADA business," the official pointed.

"This is a decision of policy nature and the CEO is in no position to take such a call and also, there seems to be some false assurance being given."Ending years of defiance, the BCCI agreed to come under the ambit of NADA and this means that the BCCI will now have all its cricketers tested for doping by them.

Speaking to IANS, a BCCI official confirmed the development and said that the Sports Ministry is very clear that all players must be tested only by NADA."Yes, Johri met the concerned people in the ministry and they have said that the Indian cricket players must be tested by NADA. The BCCI has brought to the fore their reservations with the process, but the Sports Ministry has said that it will look into them and ensure that the BCCI is also happy with the process in place," the official said.

The BCCI, had for long, opposed to signing up with NADA, claiming that it is an autonomous body, not a National Sports Federation and does not rely on government funding. However, the Sports Ministry had maintained that the cricket board has to come under the NADA ambit. The development comes just days after BCCI suspended India and Mumbai opener Prithvi Shaw for a doping violation. In fact, even after the process, NADA had made it clear that the board doesn't have the right to test players.