Earth Day 2019: Hardik Pandya Launches Zero Jeans that ‘Pledges to Protect Mother Earth’ By Consuming Lesser Resources (Watch Video)
Hardik Pandya (Photo Credits: IANS)

In order to create awareness toward the environment, every year April 22, is observed as Earth Day. On this day people sign petitions and ask the lawmakers to draft policies that save our environment. on the occasion of Earth Day 2019, the Indian cricket star and Mumbai Indians’ player Hardik Pandya launched Zero Jeans which promises to not put out adverse effects on the environment and also does not compromise on style and comfort. Earth Day 2019 Theme and Date: History and Significance of the Day for Ecological Awareness to 'Protect Our Species'.

Pandya took to social media and shared the video of the same on social media pages. “On #EarthDay, happy to launch the Zero Jeans that's been created to protect our environment while not compromising on your style and comfort 😎 Let's take a pledge to protect the only home we've got - Mother Earth 🌎 @sindenim,” read the caption.

Shikhar Dhawan also posted a message for the netizens and also urged them to do their bit for the planet.

Yuvraj Singh also pledged to do his bit.

Even Google Doodle is celebrating Earth Day. With the aim of informing us about the endangered species across elevations via an interactive slideshow. Earth Day 2019 Google Doodle includes the Wandering Albatross (The widest wingspan of any living bird), Coastal Redwood (The tallest tree in the world), Paedophryne Amanuensis (Holds the world record for the smallest frog, and smallest vertebrate) and more.