Hockey World Cup 2018 Schedule Free PDF Download in IST Online: Full Timetable With Match Dates & Timings, Venue Details of HWC in Odisha
Hockey World Cup 2018 (File Image)

After a spectacular opening ceremony, Hockey World Cup 2018, the 14th edition of Men’s Field Hockey World Cup organised by International Hockey Federation (FIH) is all set to kick-start the action on the field from November 28 (Wednesday) onwards. The 19-day tournament will conclude with HWC 2018 Final on December 16 (Sunday). The opening game of 2018 Men's Hockey World Cup will be played between Belgium and Canada at 5.00pm IST followed by India vs South Africa match at 7.00pm IST at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar. You can download the complete Hockey World Cup 2018 schedule timetable with match dates, fixture timings in IST and venue details. The Hockey World Cup 2018 Schedule Timetable Free Download PDF. It’s all available and that easy. Hockey World Cup 2018 Schedule & Timetable in IST: Check Out Complete Fixtures & Venue of FIH 2018 Men's Hockey WC Matches in Odisha.

The Indian state of Odisha is hosting the big competition, which will see a participation of 16 nations from five federations. Hosts India, defending champions Australia and others are sorted into four groups – Pool A, Pool B, Pool C and Pool D. Let us know who the 16 participating nations and which groups they are placed in at HWC 2018. Argentina, New Zealand, Spain and France (Pool A), Australia, England, Ireland and China (Pool B), Belgium, India (H), Canada and South Africa (Pool C), and the Netherlands, Germany, Malaysia and Pakistan (Pool D). All the teams will play each other (a total of three matches) within their pools under the first-round games. For every win, 3 points will be awarded, a draw will fetch 1 point and zero points for a loss. Hockey World Cup 2018: Here’s What You Need to Know About the Mega Event in Odisha.

Every team will look forward to topping the Hockey World Cup 2018 points table of their respective group as the first-ranked side in each group advances to the quarter-finals. The second and third-placed teams in each group will head into the crossover matches. From there on a single-elimination or sudden death tournament or simply put, the knockout stage begins in the tournament. A total of 36 matches will be played over the period of 19 days. Almost every day is going to be a double-header with fixtures played at 5 and 7 pm IST.  For the host country, Indian fans have begun with cheers of 'Chak De! India' and how. Hockey World Cup 2018 Live Streaming and Match Timing: Where to Get Free Video Telecast of FIH 2018 Men's Hockey WC Matches in Odisha.

Men’s Hockey World Cup 2018 Schedule With Match Timings in IST

Sr. No. Date Pool/Stage Matches Time (IST)
1. 28-Nov-2018 Pool C Belgium vs Canada 17:00
2. 28-Nov-2018 Pool C India vs South Africa 19:00
3. 29-Nov-2018 Pool A Argentina vs Spain 17:00
4. 29-Nov-2018 Pool A New Zealand vs France 19:00
5. 30-Nov-2018 Pool B Australia vs Ireland 17:00
6. 30-Nov-2018 Pool B England vs China 19:00
7. 1-Dec-2018 Pool D The Netherlands vs Malaysia 17:00
8. 1-Dec-2018 Pool D Germany vs Pakistan 19:00
9. 2-Dec-2018 Pool C Canada vs South Africa 17:00
10. 2-Dec-2018 Pool C India vs Belgium 19:00
11. 3-Dec-2018 Pool A Spain vs France 17:00
12. 3-Dec-2018 Pool A New Zealand vs Argentina 19:00
13. 4-Dec-2018 Pool B England vs Australia 17:00
14. 4-Dec-2018 Pool B Ireland vs China 19:00
15. 5-Dec-2018 Pool D Germany vs the Netherlands 17:00
16. 5-Dec-2018 Pool D Malaysia vs Pakistan 19:00
17. 6-Dec-2018 Pool A Spain vs New Zealand 17:00
18. 6-Dec-2018 Pool A Argentina vs France 19:00
19. 7-Dec-2018 Pool B Australia vs China 17:00
20. 7-Dec-2018 Pool B Ireland vs England 19:00
21. 8-Dec-2018 Pool C Belgium vs South Africa 17:00
22. 8-Dec-2018 Pool C Canada vs India 19:00
23. 9-Dec-2018 Pool D Malaysia vs Germany 17:00
24. 9-Dec-2018 Pool D The Netherlands vs Pakistan 19:00
25. 10-Dec-2018 Cross-over 1 2nd Pool A vs 3rd Pool B 16:45
26. 10-Dec-2018 Cross-over 2 2nd Pool B vs 3rd Pool A 19:00
27. 11-Dec-2018 Cross-over 3 2nd Pool C vs 3rd Pool D 16:45
28. 11-Dec-2018 Cross-over 4 2nd Pool D vs 3rd Pool C 19:00
29. 12-Dec-2018 Quarter Final 1 1st Pool A vs Cross-over 2 16:45
30. 12-Dec-2018 Quarter Final 2 1st Pool B vs Cross-over 1 19:00
31. 13-Dec-2018 Quarter Final 3 1st Pool C vs Cross-over 4 16:45
32. 13-Dec-2018 Quarter Final 4 1st Pool D vs Cross-over 3 19:00
33. 15-Dec-2018 Semi Final 1 Winner QF 1 vs Winner QF 4 16:00
34. 15-Dec-2018 Semi Final 2 Winner QF 2 vs Winner QF 3 18:30
35. 16-Dec-2018 3rd Place Loser SF 1 vs Loser SF 2 16:30
36. 16-Dec-2018 Final Winner SF 1 vs Winner SF 2 19:00

Among the other important records and information, International Hockey Federation (FIH) has appointed 16 umpires for the tournament. Pakistan is the team with the most number of titles (4) while Australia is the defending champions and have won the Hockey World Cup title thrice, same as the Netherlands. Hosts India have won the trophy once, way back in 1975. Well, it is time India makes the country proud amidst huge support.