Google Game of the Year 2018: Play the Quiz With Search Giant to Know What Were the Hot Topics This Year
Google Game of the Year 2018 (Photo Credits: Screengrab/ Google)

The end of the year is almost upon us, and almost every platform has created a look back to 2018 that appears to pass too soon. Search engine giant Google recently shared its annual “Year in Search” data to provide a look back at the trends that defined 2018. Now, the company have unveiled the “Game of the Year” to test your knowledge of this year’s trends! All the users can have a fun quiz time by visiting the site— The games are majorly based on the US search results, and the global questions contain fewer and mostly broader categories.  ‘What is Section 377 and Kiki Challenge,’ Top Questions Indians Asked This Year. 

The difficulty level of the questions at Google’s Game of the Year increases as the rounds progress. Before you begin to play, the tech giant will ask to enter your name (which is optional) and customise the sound of the virtual host. You can even mute the voice entirely, the option of which is available on the upper-right corner with all instructions noted on screen. Besides, the users will get 10 seconds to answer each question. You are permitted to put three wrong answers before the game ends. In between each round, Google also provides corny jokes to make the process lively.  Search Giant Shares Joyous Video Showing How The World Searched 'Good' Things in 2018. 

The soon you answer, the more points you are awarded. There are 20 questions in total, with Bonus Rounds in between that reveal a left or right swipe-inspired game. The game is fun, and it even improves your knowledge. If you are not aware of any question or a term, you can Google to understand which it appeared on the top search.