Moon lovers, we hope you probably know by now that we have a lunar eclipse occurring on intercepting night of June 5 and June 6. It is going to be a penumbral lunar eclipse, that is the outer part of the Earth will block the sun's shadow from reaching the moon. It will be a faint occurrence but still an interesting one for those who love observing these events. But right now, it is the onset of monsoon in parts of the country and skies are going to be cloudy. So how will you see the penumbral lunar eclipse? We, tell you the ways to live stream it so you can watch it from the comfort of your home, without worrying about the rain and clouds. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse June 2020: Interesting Facts About the Celestial Event That Coincides With Strawberry Moon.

Date and Time of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in India

In Indian Standard Time, Penumbral eclipse is expected to occur between 11:15 PM IST on June 5 and continue till 2:34 AM on June 6. If you are keenly interested in just the full moon, then you should look out from tonight or even tomorrow night. The peak of the eclipse will be visible at 12:54 am. 2020 Eclipses Calendar With Dates and Time: From June 5 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse to Annular Solar Eclipse on June 21, List of Celestial Events to Occur This Year.

How and When to Watch Live Streaming in India

Because of the cloudy weather and penumbral lunar eclipse being a faint occurrence in itself, it is not possible to clearly view it by the naked eye. Even if you are lucky to spot the moon, the shadow on the side may or may not be clearly visible. In that case, you can comfortably resort for live streaming of the celestial event. Several channels like Slooh and Virtual Telescope Project will keep live streaming of penumbral lunar eclipse. The online session to see the penumbral lunar eclipse is scheduled for 5 June 2020, starting at 19:00 UT ie 12:30 am IST.

The penumbral lunar eclipse is occurring with Strawberry Moon, the full moon of June. The name has nothing to do with the colour of the moon but gets the name from ancient tribes. The month of June was a good season for harvesting berries and they determined season from lunar phases. We hope you enjoy the event through digital viewing.


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