Britney Spears Breaks Silence On Abusive, Traumatised Conservatorship, Says ‘I Just Want My Life Back’


Pop star Britney Spears has launched an attack on the abusive & traumatised conservatorship that has controlled her life for 13 years at a court hearing. Britney Spears accused her father of controlling her 100,000%. She spoke in an open court for the first time. Britney Spears said she had been denied the right to have more children, and put on the psychiatric drug lithium against her wishes. Jamie Spears was granted control over her affairs by court order in 2008. The order was granted after the popular pop star was put in hospital amid concerns over her mental health. Speaking on June 23 via telephone to a judge in Los Angeles, Britney Spears said she was traumatised and cried every day. She said, “I just want my life back.” Specifics of the conservatorship have never been made public. Jamie Spears stepped down temporarily as his daughter's personal conservator in 2019 because of health reasons - and the pop star has requested for this to be made permanent. Reportedly, Jamie Spears was troubled by the singer's allegations in court. Dozens of fans from the so-called #FreeBritney movement gathered outside the court, holding signs reading "Free Britney now!" and "Get out of Britney's life!"

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