Uttar Pradesh gangster Vikas Dubey, accused of killing eight policemen last week, was arrested from a temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. The arrest comes after a nearly week-long chase involving the police across three states. Minutes before Dubey being taken by policemen, he confirmed his identity to the press by shouting 'Main Vikas Dubey hoon, Kanpur wala (I am Vikas Dubey, the Kanpur one). Vikas Dubey was caught in Ujjain around the same time two of his aides were killed in separate encounters in UP. According to the preliminary reports, Dubey was held at the Mahakali temple in Ujjain, where he had arrived in wee hours of the day for worship. Dubey, who was on run since July 3 following the ambush with Kanpur police, is charged in up to 60 cases. Cases include at least 18 cases of murders and attempt to murders. He is accused of being closely linked to several politicians. The fatal shootings that led to the death of eight policemen erupted after a team of cops attempted to raid Dubey's premises in Bikru village in Chaubeypur area of Kanpur. Dubey had allegedly been alerted of the raid by local policemen and had set up an ambush. When the policemen reached the village, Dubey and his men, armed with AK-47s, fired from rooftops. Following the killing of cops, Dubey was on the run and could not be located. A coordinated search operation was also launched in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Delhi - the neighbouring areas where he was suspected to have fled.