London, January 31: In a bizarre incident, a four-year-old girl found a well preserved dinosaur footprint on a beach in UK's South Wales, as per reports. The girl, identified as Lily Wilder spotted footprint on a dinosaur in Bendricks Bay while taking a stroll with her father, who took a picture of it only it to find out that their accidental discovery has a potential for understanding how the spices walked. Giant Meat-Eating Dinosaur's Footprints Reveal The Reptiles Once Lived in Oakley, Australia.

The National Museum Wales has acquired the foot print and studying it. As per the museum, the 10 cm long-footprint belongs to a 220 million-year-old dinosaur. Experts believe, it's likely the footprint was made by a dinosaur that stood about 75 centimeters tall and 2.5 meters long. Forget 'Cloned' Dinosaur in China, Find Real Dinosaur Fossils At These 5 Places Around The World.

"It really is stunning preservation . You can see every detail of the muscles and where the joints are in the foot." National Museum Wales paleontology curator Cindy Howells told NBC news. "We've not even found a fraction of the total species of dinosaurs yet," said Howells. She added that a the print Lily found provides a very useful clue in how the dinosaurs walked.

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