Donald Trump Had A Surprise in Store for Kim Jong-un: A Bizarre Trailer of ‘Good Times’
Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

The U.S. president presented North Korea’s leader with an action-movie trailer as part of their Singapore meeting. Trump showed the video, which was made by the National Security Council, publicly during a news conference with reporters on Tuesday.

"Two leaders, one destiny: A story about a special moment in time, when a man is presented with one chance that may never be repeated," the voiceover in the video says. "What will he choose? To show vision and leadership? Or not."

The video about five minutes in length is styled like a movie trailer, and casts Trump and Kim as the heroes of a story about “two men, two leaders, one destiny.” "The video was created by the NSC to help the President demonstrate the benefits of complete denuclearization, and a vision of a peaceful and prosperous Korean Peninsula," Garrett Marquis, a NSC spokesman, said in a statement.

The video was part of an overall pitch that reaching a deal between the U.S. and North Korea would help North Korea advance technologically and economically — including, Trump suggested, some real estate development.

“They have great beaches,” Trump said. “You see that whenever they are exploding the cannons in the ocean,” he said. “I said look at that view. That would make a great condo. I explained it. I said instead of doing that, you could have the best hotels in the world. Think of it from the real estate perspective. South Korea and China and they own the land in the middle. Great. I told them, you may not want to do what’s there. You may want to do a smaller version of it. That could be. He looked at that tape.”

Trump said they had "it on a cassette and an iPad. And they played it. And about eight of their representatives were watching it, and I thought they were fascinated."

However, one never knows with North Korea but it seemed like Donald Trump used tricks he knows best to convince Kim Jong-un of his sincerity as well as titillate him with ideas of economic riches to get the ruler of the 'hermit kingdom' on the path to denuclearization.