Facebook Romance Scam: US Republican Adam Kinzinger Writes to Mark Zuckerberg, Wants Social Media Giant to Take Steps to Combat Fake Accounts
Facebook logo. Representation Image (Photo Credits: Cnet)

New York, August 2: Adam Kinzinger has written to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the proliferation of “romance scams” through the social media platform. He highlighted that over the last decade, he has dealt with several fake accounts using his photos to scam and cheat others. However, it was only recently that the Republican has learnt how widespread the issue has become. "There needs to be accountability and I have asked Facebook for answers," he said in a tweet.

On Wednesday, he sent a letter to Zuckerberg, requesting more information about what the company was doing to prevent such fraud on its sites. At an interview in a New York Time article, he had said how once a woman from India came to meet him, believing that she was in a relationship with Kinzinger through Facebook, with someone else impersonating him. Facebook Hoax Message! Do Not Type Gratula to Confirm Your Account’s Security, It Is As Fake As BFF Was.

Check Adam Kinzinger's tweet here:

He mentioned several things Facebook could potentially do to stop scammers, which includes using facial-recognition software to automatically spot impostors and requiring identification to create an account. Kinzinger stated that he needed more time to study the issue before publicly discussing specific legislation. Reportedly, Facebook is reviewing Kinzinger’s letter and looks forward to answering his questions.