Imran Khan Loses Cool at University Student For Shouting 'Namal Dam Banao' During His Address, Asks Him to Leave Venue; Watch Video
Pakistan PM Imran Khan (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Islamabad, February 23: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan briefly lost his temperament on being interrupted by a student of Namal University in Mianwali during his address. Khan, who was speaking to the graduating classes of the varsity on Sunday, was interrupted mid-way in his address by a student who shouted "Namal Dam Banao (Construct Namal Dam)". Imran Khan Blooper: 'After One Injection, I Saw The Nurses as Hoors', Says Pakistan PM (Watch Video).

On losing his cool, the Pakistan PM retorted saying, "Thodi der bahar chale jaana agar phir tum bole, samajh gaye? Leave the venue for sometime if you spoke again, understood?" Immediately following Khan's reprimand, an official was seen rushing towards the student. The footage going viral on social media, however, does not show whether the student was left with a warning or taken out of the varsity during Khan's address.

Watch Video of Imran Khan Getting Angry on University Student

Khan, in his address, advised the varsity students to follow their passion rather than accruing talent based on the market requirements. "In the struggle between talent and passion, it is always passion which ends up emerging the winner. My advice to the youth of this nation is to follow their passion," said the cricketer-turned-politician.

The Pakistan PM also emphasized on saving the environment and conserving the "rich ecosystem" of Pakistan. "Allah has blessed us with 12 seasons. In which other part of the world would you find 12 seasons? So many varieties of fruits grow in Pakistan," he said, calling upon the youth to take a pledge for environment protection and plantation of trees.