North Korea called an ‘Extraordinary Threat’ in Pentagon’s New Missile Defence Review
US President Donald Trump | File Image | (Photo Credits: Getty)

US President Donald Trump in a speech at Pentagon spoke of a new defence strategy for the country after a review of the country’s most biggest threats was released by Pentagon.

The US president spoke about the results of a missile defence review, which points out new threats and suggests potential policies. It comes almost a decade later than the last one. The review calls for investment into new missile defence technologies and highlighted the development of advanced weapon systems by both China and Russia.

Donald Trump announced that the U.S. would incorporate a new layer of space-based sensors to detect and track enemy missiles. “The world is changing and we’re going to change much faster than the rest of the world,” the president said. “The United States cannot simply build more of the same or make incremental improvements ... We must pursue advanced technology and research to guarantee the United States is several steps ahead of those who wish to do us harm.”

The review also points out that North Korea still presents a direct threat to the U.S. It also makes a broad assessment that adversaries of the U.S. such as North Korea, Russia, China and Iran are increasing the number, accuracy, and sophistication of their missiles. More than 20 countries employ ballistic and cruise missiles or are pursuing hypersonic weapons — missiles that can travel at least five times faster than the speed of sound.

Speaking about the possibility of the new “space-based layer” of the U.S.’s defence capability, the president said: “It’s ultimately going to be a very, very big part of our defence and obviously our offence.”

“The system will be monitored and we will terminate any missile launches from hostile powers, or even powers that make a mistake,” Trump continued.

Trump added, “Our strategy is grounded in one overriding objective: to detect and destroy every type of missile attack against any American target, whether before or after launch. When it comes to defending America, we will not take any chances, we will only take action.”

The mention of North Korea in the missile defence review comes as three top North Korean officials are in Washington DC to meet with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to revive denuclearization talks between the two governments. The talks are reported to also confirm the agenda and the preparation of a second summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un.