Punjabi Men, Women And Children Seen Crossing Over To US With Help From Mexican Traffickers; Video Surfaces Online
Illegal Immigration at US-Mexico Border. (Photo Credits: Screenshot/Youtube)

Mexico, July 22: In a video going viral, Mexican traffickers can be seen helping a Punjabi man in turban, a woman speaking in Punjabi and children cross into the US illegally. In the video, a Mexican drug lord can allegedly be seen helping the people cross over through jail like grills.

The people seen crossing over illegally rid themselves of the fence and one of them shakes hands with the person talking in Mexican accent.

Watch the Video Below

The video is getting shared on social media widely and brings to light the eagerness of people to enter US even at the cost of risking arrest. The fact that the video also involves kids is also attracting attention and comments.

This is not the first time that a Punjabi man has allegedly been seen crossing over to the US illegally. According to reports, several Punjabi men are languishing behind the jail for trying to enter US illegally. This video brought back disturbing memories of a six-year-old Gurupreet Kaur belonging to Haryana who had died due to a heatstroke.