Ravi Karkara, the Indian Senior UN Gender and Youth Official, Sacked After Probe Over Sexual Misconduct
Ravi Karkara is accused for sexual misconduct (Photo credits: Facebook)

A senior UN official Ravi Karkara was dismissed from his post at UN Women on Friday, following an investigation which lasted for nearly 15 months. Kalra has been sacked for sexual misconduct after allegations made against him by younger male colleagues. According to a Guardian report, in a statement on Monday, the executive director at the division said a probe into the allegations had upheld findings of sexual misconduct, and the UN is ready to cooperate with police on any further probe in this matter. Who is Ravi Karkara, The Indian Senior UN Gender and Youth Official Accused of Sexual Misconduct?.

Ravi Karkara is the senior adviser for the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women About 8 men have accused of sexual harassment according to a report. The allegations against him go from obscene gestures, inviting guys for masturbation and even sending pornographic links.

Last month, UN Women called for a speedy finalisation of the investigation process. A number of recent events have shown, the United Nations and U.N. Women are not immune from allegations of sexual misconduct.