Nothing starts from the peak; everything has a ground value. If and when people understand the basics of living a life, know the vision of living successfully, create goals and milestones, then only something magnificent occurs – success. Without knowing the pivot point, the epitome of defined success, and realistic analysis of problems with solutions, one cannot happen to find permanent happiness or success. Here, at this point one has to know a lot more than the defined goal: what next? After every accomplishment, it is a must to scoop out the next goal. It is similar to learning alphabets, then making two and three-letter words, and finally sentences.

What makes some people thrive and not strive after a couple of years of hard work while others take years? The difference is based on only one factor: determination along with strategic planning. The plan however should be such that has the potential of escalating. Stagnant designations are never fruitful. That is the reason why we tend to find successful people fascinating. In our mind, we always want to be like them but due to basic lacking (hard work, persistence, patience, and passion).

Why people follow Nasir Shah Wani and who is he?

Wani was born in a small village in Pakistan. He with a lot of dreams and nothing in hand strived to become the most influential digital marketing guru. He, today owns Urdu Live, an online portal for sharing local and international news; sports, trade, e-paper, and other kinds of news. Also, he contributed to strengthening the online and freelance local community. Besides that, being a chief editor of a daily newspaper “Talib” ( is under his wings. 

When people ask who is Wani, he often replies with a smile and says, “I am a man with thousand and million dreams. Those dreams and the fulfillment of each dream is my passion. My work is associated with digital marketing and I focus on the growth of Pakistan’s economy.”

And whenever he is questioned about the struggles, he tells, “See, I am coming from a very humble yet financially struggling background. My village back in the days had many concerning factors to grow monitory. That is where my struggles start. With nothing in hand, no money or skill, not a degree, and anything to support, today I am making more than anyone who has gained degrees. Primarily because the difference among us is on the vision. They must have degrees but lacked the passion to achieve something bigger than a corporate job. Whereas, I was the one who paved the way to success through experimentation, fantastic and realistic strategies, planning, and making each day accountable for success. Therefore, you know that I am a millionaire. However, the journey as mentioned was quite a roller coaster.”

Upon requesting to shed some light on how to combat obstacles, he said, “humans have great minds. If he wishes to attain something, he makes sure to go the extra mile to do the needful. There is no if and but or any excuse to stop him. That said, it is more about determination. There are many successful people like Newton and Shakespeare who earned a lot of fame. Keep such people in mind to keep motivated.” 

After taking a pause he continued, “When I had nothing, everything was created by the resources unseen. Without the internet in my village, I still embarked on a career in digital marketing as my first job. Later, upon learning almost everything in the field, I made sure to not remain stuck. Instead, I elevated and started my work in the form of Pakistan E Group. It was intending to help people who have limited sources to earn. I started training them without any fees. Soon after training them, the best ones were hired in my company. Also, I made sure to encompass expertise in running a well-earning website. Today, Urdu Live ( What made me come here is due to my passion, determination, and patience. Without patience, it becomes very hard to stay resilient. Like many successful people out there, I also stumbled and fell many times. But with every down, I remembered the struggles behind. That made me able to move ahead and to do so, I had to stand up again.”

 The kind of struggles one makes to achieve the peak of success is based on the background. Everyone has a different scenario and struggles. But what we know about Wani is that he is known for perfectionism. He had practiced enough to make himself the best according to the norms of an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Many people take his example and feel proud to stay connected with him. It is because of the kind of offers and opportunities he brings for a youngster is unique and exemplary.