Karzan Hisham  is a young talent. He is growing day by day and has huge fanhood. He is a star who is well known across the people regardless of their ages. Karzan was born in Duhok, Iraq.

How did the journey start?

The journey started when a boy of 21 years pursuing his degree in maths thought of making a video as a social experiment and to upload it on YouTube as a memory.  But the mind blowing response and positive comments encouraged him further. That's when he decided to continue and make a lot more videos.

The path ahead.

He says there is always a path ahead to grow in life. One just can't stop after doing a little. So he thought of growing more. He started making videos of various genres like traveling vlogs,lifestyle,  adventurous and some personal vlogs.

The thing about his videos is it's loved by everyone from the youngest child of the house to the eldest person. He was loved by all and everyone loved to watch him. He especially took care of this that his channel should be family friendly.

He is an influencer,  video creator ,content creator and video director as well. Recently in December 31,2020 a music video of his  friend who is Kurdish singer Haval Ibrahim was released. It was directed by Karzan Hisham himself and he was even casted along with his friends.

Karzan was praised for his amazing directing skills. People sometimes remain astonished to see how a single person can do it all. That too with such perfection. It's no harm to say that he is surely a perfectionist. By looking at his work anyone can see the reason behind his immense fanbase.

He always finds a way to explore more and to bring something new for his audience.