Venezuelan Government, Opposition to Resume Dialogue to Overcome the Political Crisis
Juan Guaido (C), head of the opposition-controlled National Assembly. (Photo Credits: IANS)

Caracas, July 8: The Venezuelan government and opposition have agreed to meet again for talks to overcome the political crisis in the South American nation. Venezuelan Communication and Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez tweeted on Sunday that the two sides will continue the Norway-mediated talks scheduled to be held in Barbados, reports Xinhua news agency.

"History will recognize the Bolivarian government's tenacious stance in favour of dialogue," Rodriguez said, along with an official announcement released by Norway, which has been acting as a mediator. "We hope (President Nicolas Maduro's) efforts to consolidate peace and national understanding will bear fruit." Venezuela Crisis: Juan Guaido Seeks US Military Cooperation.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido issued a statement, confirming the opposition's participation in the talks. "Our goal is the same: to achieve a definitive solution to the crisis in our country," Guaido said via Twitter.

However, he reiterated that the opposition's objective is to see "the end of the usurpation, a transitional government and free elections with international observers".

Norway said the two sides "will meet this week in Barbados to make progress in seeking an agreed and constitutional solution" and "the negotiations will take place in a continuous and expedited manner".

The political deadlock between the two sides reached a critical point in January, after Guaido declared himself "interim president" of Venezuela and was immediately recognized by the US. Initial meetings between the two camps to resume talks began in mid-May in Oslo.