Yemen: Suicide Bombing Kills 3 Separatists in Aden
(Representational Image (Photo Credits: PTI)

Aden, August 30: Three separatist fighters were killed Friday in a suicide bombing in Aden, the first such attack since Yemeni government forces were expelled from the southern city on August 10, security sources said.

In a separate attack, the military head of the UAE-backed Security Belt force survived a roadside bomb attack on his convoy in central Aden that killed five of his guards, the sources said. Yemen: Al-Qaeda Attack on Army Base, Killed 19 Soldiers.

Earlier, "a suicide bomber crashed his bomb-laden motorbike into a vehicle of the Southern Transitional Council on a roundabout in the Sheikh Saad district" of northern Aden, one of the sources told AFP.

Three of those on board the vehicle were killed and an unknown number wounded, including civilians near a busy marketplace.

A security official blamed the suicide bombing, for which there was no immediate claim of responsibility, on Al-Qaeda.

The Security Belt force, dominated by the separatist Southern Transitional Council, seized control of Aden, Yemen's capital, on Thursday after clashes with government forces.

On August 1 separate attacks by jihadists and Huthi rebels killed 49 STC fighters and the separatists accused the government of complicity.