Seoul [South Korea], December 7 (ANI/Global Economic): As the Netflix series 'Hellbound' has gained global popularity, the original webtoon (webcomics) has been also been launched.

Naver Webtoon announced on December 6 that the average weekly view for the 'Hellbound' original webtoon increased by about 22 times and the average number of weekly paid views increased by about 14 times after the release of the Netflix series.

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This is the result of comparing the average views for two weeks after the release and the weekly average for three months before the release of the Netflix series.

With the huge popularity of the series, the original webtoon 'Hellbound' has also launched the global service.

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Currently, the webtoon 'Hellbound' is being serviced in 10 languages, including English, Japanese, Thai, and Spanish, via Naver Webtoon Global Service.

Global fans who first saw 'Hellbound' on Netflix are also giving positive reviews to the webtoon.

The Netflix series 'Hellbound,' released on November 19, was directed and written by Yeon Sang-ho and webtoon creator Choi Kyu-seok, producers of the original webtoon.

It recorded a total of 43.48 million aggregate viewing hours in three days after its release and topped Netflix global chart (non-English content), proving its global popularity. (ANI/Global Economic)

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