Los Angeles, May 22 (PTI) Eva Mendes says her daughters are picking up 'Spanglish', a blend of Spanish and English languages.

The actor said the couple wants Esmeralda, four, and Amada, three, to be well versed in both English and Spanish to honour both her and husband Ryan Gosling's roots.

However, Mendes said the children tend to merge the two languages.

"Well the Spanish in my home... I'm Cuban and we're trying to teach the kids Spanish, and it's harder than I thought. I speak Spanglish and that's what they're picking up. So it's adorable but it's technically not a language. It's Spanglish.

"So our little girl will be like, 'Mommy, my boca (mouth) hurts because I think something got stuck in my diente (tooth).' It's so cute but that is not really gonna go great out there," the actor said in an appearance on "The Talk".

Mendes, 45, previously said kids were the "furthest thing" from her mind till she met Gosling, 38.

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