Gadkari Calls Upon Automobile Manufacturer to Develop Eco-friendly Vehicles Which Can Use Agro-based Fuels

New Delhi [India], Dec 6 (ANI): Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways and MSME Nitin Gadkari called upon the automobile manufacturers to produce eco-friendly vehicles that can utilize the agro-based fuels produced from bio-mass agricultural-based like paddy straw (Parali), etc.A statement from the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways said, "Gadkari said that air pollution is one of the major challenges that our country is facing at the moment and hence automakers should focus on alternative fuel vehicles, towards achieving a greener and safer mobility ecosystem in the country."Speaking at Toyota's xEV Vehicle Technologies Demonstration and Experiential Driving (Hybrid, Electric and Hydrogen vehicles), he said, this will not only help in the reduction of environmental pollution but also has the potential for increasing farmers' income in the country."Gadkari informed that more than 50 per cent transactions at National Highway toll plazas are already happening through FASTags. The Minister called for switching over to FASTags so that vehicular movement at NHAI toll Plazas becomes faster and smooth. He also reiterated that the FASTags can be obtained free of cost up to December 15, 2019 as announced by NHAI," the press note added. (ANI)

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