Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Mar 12 (ANI): A Hyderabad-based start-up, Cellestial E-Mobility, on Wednesday rolled out its first e-tractor, which it claims will bring down the cost of ownership.According to the founders of the start-up, the tractor's performance is four times that of a diesel-powered tractor."The e-tractor is engineered to be a zero-emission environment-friendly tractor for horticultural or greenhouse works or moving goods within factories, warehouses and to haul baggage in airports," Cellestial E-Mobility co-founder Siddhartha Durairajan told ANI.The electric tractor is equipped with advanced features like battery swapping, regenerative braking, power inversion, charging from residential AC outlet and fast charging."On average, the running cost of the Cellestial E-Mobility tractor is significantly lower than its diesel counterpart. The running cost of a conventional 21HP diesel tractor is roughly around Rs 150 per hour while for the Cellestial E-Mobility tractor it will be around Rs 20-35 per hour," Durairajan said.Syed Mubasheer Ali, who is also a co-founder, said that the e-tractor can cover up to 75 kilometres on a single charge and has a maximum power of 18 HP and 53 Nm peak torque."The tractor reaches up to a speed of up to 20 kmph. It recharges in six hours with Cellestial's proprietary residential charger at any conventional single-phase 16 amps outlet. With an industrial infrastructure setup, it can fast-charge within two hours," Ali told ANI.The founders said that the start-up aims to build around 8,000 tractors in the next 36 months. (ANI)

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