Visakhapatnam, May 24: A small amount of Ammonia gas leaked while tankers were being filled at a private company in Baranikam village on Sunday night.

Paravada sub-inspector Ramesh told ANI over the phone that there is no problem due to the leakage and nobody has been affected.

"Ananya Ammonia Company is located at Baranikam village in Paravada Mandal. Last night at around 8 pm ammonia was being filled into gas tankers.

At that time minor amount of Ammonia gas is leaked. However, it was the very minute quantity of gas and nobody is affected. The police went to the spot and inspected the incident. The situation is under control. No case is filed in this regard," said Paravada sub-inspector Ramesh.

However, local people expressed concern about the gas leak. Some even expressed fear whether it would be harmful like the LG polymers gas leak incident of last year.

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