New Delhi, Apr 1 (PTI) The Delhi Traffic Police will start a junction improvement trial at the Delhi Gate intersection from Friday onwards to enhance the safety of commuters, officials said.

The move comes after the police in collaboration with World Resources Institute (WRI) conducted a survey of various roads, intersections and signages to make them safer for commuters.

Accordingly, traffic police will conduct its drive from Friday onwards by employing changes suggested by the WRI, they said.

As part of the trial run, motorists travelling towards the Delhi Gate intersection are advised to slow down, drive safely, follow rules and adhere to the cones, barricades and planters placed at the intersection to carry out temporary infrastructure changes for testing the design, the traffic police officials said.

The traffic police urged commuters to abide by the speed limits around the junction to avoid any crashes while pedestrians were advised to use the marked crossings and follow the traffic light cycles.

According to the traffic police, the trial will run for a few weeks to capture and compare the before and after data for various parameters and any modifications required.

Long-term measures will be suggested based on the analysis to permanently redesign the junction and align the roads for better road safety.

However, the police clarified that there were no diversions or road blockades in the new method.

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