New Delhi, June 28: Justice Rituraj Awasthi Chairman of the Law Commission in an exclusive interview with ANI said that they have got a huge response over Uniform Civil Code after the communication of the notice by the Law Commission.

Speaking with ANI, Awasthi said, "We have got a huge response over UCC after the publication of the notice by the Law Commission of India. Till yesterday, we have recieved 8.5 lakh responses". Uniform Civil Code: BJP Implementing UCC to Win Elections, Says Congress Leader P Chidambaram.

"Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is not a new issue, the reference was recieved in 2016, and one consultation paper was released in 2018. From 2018 to November 2022, the Law Commission was not functional. In November 2022, appointments were made and this matter was taken up and we have been working on that", added Justice Rituraj Awasthi.

He also said that they are making efforts to have wide consultations with all the stakeholders and the organisation. Uniform Civil Code: How Many People Know About UCC? Real Issues Are Unemployment, Corruption, Says Congress Leader Kamal Nath.

"We are making efforts to have wide consultations with all the stakeholders and the organisation," Justice Awasthi said. On June 14, the Law Commission sought the views of the public and religious organisations. Amid a raging debate on the need to introduce uniform laws for every citizen of the country.

The Commission solicited the views and ideas of the public and recognised religious organizations to examine the Uniform Civil Code. The Law Commission has given 30 days to the respondents to present their views.

The 22nd Law Commission of India is among other things examining the Uniform Civil Code on a reference sent by the Ministry of Law & Justice, they said. Initially, the 21st Law Commission examined the subject of the Uniform Civil Code, soliciting the views of all the stakeholders through its appeal along with a questionnaire dated 7.10.2016 and further public appeals/notices dated 19.03.2018, 27.03.2018 and 10.4.2018. It received an overwhelming response from the respondents.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi endorsed the Uniform Civil Code and said that the country cannot be run with "two laws" when the Constitution of India talks about equality for all. He asked how different rules could apply to different family members.

"Will a family function if there are two different sets of rules for people? Then how will a country run? Our Constitution too guarantees equal rights to all people," PM Modi said in Bhopal yesterday while addressing party workers under the BJP's "Mera Booth Sabse Majboot" campaign.

The Opposition leaders also reacted by calling it a " vote bank" politics while All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief Asaduddin Owaisi asked the PM whether the government is considering 'stripping the country of its pluralism and diversity?'

"India's PM considers India's diversity & its pluralism a problem. So, he says such things... Maybe India's Prime Minister doesn't understand Article 29. Will you strip the country of its pluralism & diversity in the name of UCC? Owaisi said.

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