Sagar, March 29: A government school teacher has set up a mini-school and library on his scooter which he takes around the villages of Sagar district to teach students whose schools have long remained shut due to the coronavirus pandemic. Chandra Shrivastava can often be seen teaching kids in his outdoor class under the shade of a tree, using a small mic.

In a poetry class that he took, children could be seen chanting aloud in unison the verses of poems and also explaining what they understood using the mic. A parent said he was thankful to the teacher as took classes for the kids regularly. School on Wheels in Chhattisgarh's Koriya: Teacher Conducts 'Mohalla' Classes On Motorcycle For Students Who Don't Have Access to Online Education; View Pics.

Madhya Pradesh: Teacher Runs Mobile School on Scooty for Rural Children in Sagar

The scooter had a green board used for teaching students, while the other side had a mini library with textbooks and notebooks. Some books are given to students free of cost while other textbooks and storybooks are given on the condition that they will be returned within a stipulated time.

Keshav a student of class 6 said, "He comes here as there is corona crisis and teaches us maths and many other subjects." Chandra Shrivastava said, "Most students here belong to poor families and don't have access to online education as they can't afford smartphones."

"We do not get network connectivity in many places. I used to download videos and show them on mobile and then I started teaching on the scooty on which there is a green board on one side and books on the other."

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