Kochi (Kerala) [India], Jan 7 (ANI): For the first time in India a series of controlled blast will be carried out to bring down four apartment complexes on January 11 and 12, in Maradu, famous for its serene lake and uncalled guests of migratory birds flying from all over the world particularly from Europe during winter season.The four high-rises violating the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) on the edge of the lake flowing through Maradu were ordered to be demolished by the Supreme Court. Preparations are in full swing and Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO), India's premier body to safeguard explosives safety is having a task at hand.The apex court had ordered for the demolition of the four apartment complexes of H20 Holy faith, Alfa Serene, Jain Coral Cove and Golden Kayaloram for violating the CRZ norms. These flats will be demolished through controlled explosion on January 11 and 12.R Venugopal, Deputy Chief Controller of Explosives, PESO told ANI all steps for safe demolition has been done and the agency will be adopting the implosion technology."The district magistrate of Ernakulam has given the no-objection certificate for implosion using explosives. PESO has given permission to undertake the blasting using explosives approved by the Chief Controller of Explosives. We have taken every step for any flyrots scattering around, minimise explosive usage to have a safe blasting in all towers in Maradu. As per explosive safety rules, we have taken all safety measures during transportation storage and usage of explosives," Venugopal told ANI on Monday.With regard to the present status of the demolition process, Venugopal added, "Now the work of H2O Holyfaith is over, last and a final inspection has to been done by a team to see that all the explosives have been filled in all the holes and proper accounting has been done for the same. With respect to Alpha Serene and Jain Coral Clove the work has started today. And we hope that it will be completed in the next two days."Upon being questioned about the safety and precautionary measures put in place, he said, "We are taking utmost precautions there. It will be cut into two levels ( Alpha Serene and Jane Coral Clove) and it will not have any impact on the nearby rivers. We have taken care of the entire situation and the blast plan has been prepared by the company and a technical committee formed by the government of Kerala including PESO officials are monitoring the scene. As per the Kerala government's request, PESO was involved in it. The last and final inspection is being done by a team to see all the explosives are filled in all the holes and proper accounting has been done.""With respect to Alpha Serene and Jane Coral Clove the work has started today and we hope that it will be completed in the next two days. With regard to Kayoloram, we are taking the utmost precautions there also. It will also be cut into two levels, " he added.An IIT team has also been roped in to carry out further studies after the blast.'With respect to vibrations studies, an IIT team has been formed. They will be conducting vibration studies on two days (Jan 11, Jan 12), " he said.The Kerala government and district administration are handling such a demolition with enormous magnitude for the first time and they are following the guidelines issued by PESO."With respect to the safety and security of people, we will be moving out the people from the area during those four hours. All efforts have been taken by the district administration and technical support of PESO. We hope that the building implosion will be conducted in a safe and secure manner," said Venugopal said.Controller of Explosives, PESO, Dr PK Rana told ANI that the demolition of Holy Faith H2O and Alfa Serene will be done on January 11 at around 11 am."The demolition of H2O and Alpha Serene will be carried out on September 11 and that of the other two buildings will be carried out on September 12. H20 will be demolished first and shortly thereafter the demolition of Alpha Serene will be carried out," Rana told ANI. (ANI)

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