Kabul [Afghanistan], May 14 (ANI): Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, blasts have become a 'new normal' in the war-ravaged nation with the recent one taking place at Kabul's Ayuob Saber Mosque.

According to TOLOnews, the security forces arrived at the scene on time, the spokesman of the Kabul Police Command, Khalid Zadran said.

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He further confirmed that a blast has taken place at the Ayuob Saber Mosque in PD5 of Kabul during the Friday prayers at the mosque.

Eight months after the Taliban reclaimed Afghanistan, there's been increased violence and a resurgence of extremist groups including attacks and

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While security officials have not commented on the nature of the blast, no casualties have been reported. 3 people were reportedly injured.

The United Nations has condemned the deadly bomb blasts at educational institutions, Mosques and other vulnerable places in Afghanistan.

Attacks on the minorities have drawn worldwide condemnation, including from the United Nations (UN), the EU, US and others.

The Taliban which is under UN sanctions over terrorist activities took over Kabul in August last year, the country has been facing a humanitarian crisis with economic distress and food shortages. (ANI)

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