She is doing wonders for various businesses through her Digital Marketing agency.

Claudia, before becoming an entrepreneur, worked in senior management for many different International and Australian international brands for more than two decades. During this time, she realized that there weren’t a lot of strategists and marketers to help those in the coaching industry. So, she began her journey in 2015, deciding to help people in growing their coaching business. To make this happen, she founded 'We Are Social', a digital marketing agency to provide better help to coaches for holistic growth. Furthermore, her brand even works on helping other, serious niches that need a lot of work.

Claudia’s Digital Marketing services help businesses to improve scalability. 'We Are Social' brings together great strategies for clients. She works on understanding the clients’ needs and then creates an appropriate marketing strategy comprising of landing pages, Facebook ads, messenger marketing, building sales funnels, and more. She believes that groundwork is important for businesses before she organizes their events.

Claudia enjoys working with different businesses, and she is well versed in creating high-ticket strategies to help businesses transition into something better. She also specializes in building target-oriented plans for the growth of coaching businesses as well. When she was setting up her business, she realized that many of the coaching businesses didn't have access to the right marketing strategy which can keep them scale their business to grow. Her agency helps in creating a specialized and predictable plan which is well defined and targeted to boost their reach. With that said, Claudia had learned a lot about the digital landscape and marketing with her brand, Sasha & Me in 2011 where she enhanced her knowledge about organic and paid advertising, which has helped her immensely in scaling her business to soaring heights.

Claudia busts old and rusty ideologies of how coaching businesses do not work out. She says that she has had clients who thought their career was over only because they were above fifty. Claudia considers that age as a good place to start, solely because it shows wisdom as that is what gets the courses to sell. Further, she believes that one does not need a lot of online marketing exercises to sell their courses, they just need their story and their experiences.

Claudia is very clear about her ideas for growth. She goes live on her Facebook group and talks about various aspects of the digital medium and how it is effective for business growth, free of cost. She even did a Facebook Ads week, where she spoke about basic things and taught her group members of some basic ideas. Claudia found that most of her group members could generate a 1.7% ROI just by simply using her live stream! To all business owners and entrepreneurs, Claudia’s advice is simple, she asks them to be patient with their business and to be persistent with their work, which would allow them to improve sales and business.