Along with being a doctor, style and fashion have always been one of the ways how he expresses himself. Fashion and Menswear is one thing that he works on in order to grow his social platforms to help people express themselves in their own unique way. Through Instagram (@dr.ravi.patel) has expanded his growth beyond himself, he took the first step towards pursuing his career in Chiropractic Medicine. Since then, Dr. Ravi Patel not only uses his social media to spread awareness, through partnerships with the biggest brands in health and wellness, he can provide the most state-of-the-art technology to his patients.

Having an influence in the social media market, Dr. Patel has worked towards changing the lives of individuals. Influencing lifestyle along with catering an importance towards self-confidence and growth mindset. Ravi has set forth an idea that can change the way people perceive an active daily lifestyle.

Dr. Ravi Patel acknowledges that the health and wellness industry is constantly evolving, new variations have been introduced from time to time to improve health care as a whole. Fortunately, by traveling across the world, Ravi has gained multiple experiences and has enriched a personality that's leading in multiple different aspects of living, which include entrepreneurship, fashion, lifestyle, health, influencing platforms, fitness, and chiropractic care. He's definite proof that hard work, passion, and dedication can go a long way in reaching for your dreams.

Success is when you can change someone’s life for the better

-Dr. Ravi Patel (@dr.ravi.patel)